Find the Best Andar Bahar Games Online

Andar Bahar games online involves playing game as you will generally do with the friends and family. There is not much difference, just that you will be enjoying real excitement with other players online, or alone. You can try out your luck for free or for the real money thrills. This is the fast and furious, completely immersive, and can keep you on an edge of the seat.

The best thing about the traditional popular card game is it is completely portable. You just need the deck of cards without any added complications of the gaming tables, chips or wheels. When you play the game of Andar Bahar, it becomes mobile. You may enjoy andar bahar on your computer, smartphone and tablet at a touch of the screen whenever you select.


Understand the Procedure

A dealer shuffles 52 cards thoroughly, and deals 1 card face up. It is a card that should be matched, known as a ‘joker’ or trump card though the terms are misleading. The card game terminology can beat card of the different suit, regardless of rank, and joker is the wild card that will be used for representing any card a player desires. Thus, it appears better to call the first card a house card, or just a middle card, as two piles are dealt on any side.

Now players place the bets on the two piles, called as Andar & Bahar and the dealer can create. The maximum and minimum bets should be agreed beforehand in the private game, and can be determined by house in the casino game. This can be because in traditional game inside pile is a pile closer to a dealer and outside pile will be further from a dealer. In the online versions, layout can be like that or will just be to left & right respectively of a house card.

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